Troubleshooting/Installation Manuals

LED Kit Installation (Applies to all LED Kit models)


Interior LED Bulb Installation (Applies to all interior bulbs)

Reverse LED Installation

Turn Signal LED Installation

LED Light Troubleshooting Q&A

*If you do not see any of your problems listed below, please contact us at with a detailed description of your problem, the year/make/model of your vehicle, what product you purchase, and the position you are installing it in (Low beams, reverse lights, etc)

Headlights/Fog Lights LED Kits:

(You are likely to experience one of these problems on most 2007+ American Trucks/Jeeps, or 2007+ European Vehicles)

Dash Code?
High Beam Indicator Turned on when Low Beam is on?

You will need to install either our Resistors* or Canbus Capacitors. These are inline accessories that plug in between your factory harness and LED bulb, and this will eliminate any of the above issues.

*(Read warnings prior to installation)


Daytime Running Lights/High Beam LED Kit:

Flickering on DRL Mode?

Install our Canbus Capacitors. This is an inline accessory that will plug in between your factory harness and the bulb. This will bring the flicker down completely, or mostly.

*Please Note* If you have a DRL/High beam bulb. Even with capacitors, it may not be possible to eliminate the flicker FULLY, since the DRL works on a very low wattage. The Canbus capacitor will eliminate 90-100% of the flicker.


Turn Signals LED bulbs:

Problem: Hyperflash

If you are using our Canbus LED bulbs, you need to add in extra resistance, as the vehicle is still catching the lower wattage of the LED bulb, extra resistance is needed to slow the flash down.


Interior Lights:

Not turning on?

Flip the LED bulb 180 degrees and install it. It is likely the polarity was reversed.

Staying on Dimly?

This could be a sign of a defective LED bulb. Please contact support for warranty purposes

Reverse Lights Not turning on?

Flip the LED bulb 180 degrees as it is likely the polarity was reversed.


European Vehicles (BMW/VW/Audi/Mercedes-Benz)

H7 LED Bulb doesn't fit into the socket?

It is likely you have a vehicle that requires a special retainer adapter to install LED bulbs on your vehicle. Please email us pictures of your factory retainer (as there is not database on what kind of retainer any specific vehicle needs) and we will find the proper retainer for you




Installation Manuals: